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Optical Filter Guide. Recommended optical choices for common fluorochromes/dyes. Fluorochromes/Dyes. Laser.

C6 accuri channels

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Return glutaraldehyde to the walk-in freezer in the basement. Flow cytometric analysis of live nano- and picophytoplankton using the Accuri C6 flow cytometer Check the sheath fluid bottle is full and the waste bottle is empty. If not, empty the waste into the white plastic sink. Can Accuri C6 FL3 channel read Alexa Fluor 555? You can check it from the website or catalog of the Accuri C6. In my opinion being an older one, it may not work. Cite. Article Snippet: 10 000–20 000 events were recorded in channel FL-4 and data assessed on BD Accuri C6 (BD Biosciences) flow cytometer.

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easy to use, the BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer fits in any lab and is readily accessible to all researchers—experts and novices alike. Figure 1-1.

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C6 accuri channels

Gating strategies and BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer Instrument Manual 7820018 Rev-4 1 1 INTRODUCTION The BD Accuri™ C6 flow cytometer offers an entirely new vision for the role of flow cytometry in life science research. Designed from the ground up to be compact and easy to use, the BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer fits in any lab and is readily accessible channel. On the BD Accuri C6, the default setting of a primary threshold on FSC-H of 80,000 indicates that the system will record an event only if it has an FSC value of 80,000, regardless of any other parameter values.

BD Accuri™ C6 Plus Flow Cytometer Optical Filter Guide Recommended optical choices for common fluorochromes/dyes Fluorochromes/Dyes Laser Standard Filters Detector Optional Filters2 FITC, BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515, Alexa Fluor® 488, CFSE 488 nm 533/30 FL1 — GFP3 488 nm 533/30 FL1 510/15 JC-1, Fluo-4 AM, SYBR® Green 488 nm 533/30 A Guide to Absolute Counting on the Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer Page 2 of 4 Figure 3. Discriminating cell clumps using a plot of FSC-A versus FSC-H.
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0:57. The Accuri CSampler for the C6 Flow Cytometer. Accuri Subscribe Unsubscribe 0. 13 Apr 2009 422; Share Video The BD Accuri ® C6 is a digital basic flow cytometer, which is equipped with a Blue (488nm) and a Red (640nm) lasers, two light scatter detectors (FSC and SSC), and four fluorescence detectors.

Because monomers and aggregates of JC-1 have different emission spectra, you can assess changes in Δψm by comparing the ratio of red to green fluorescence in the FL1 and FL2 channels of the BD Accuri C6. We sent the Accuri C6 Plus (received new Nov 2016 and this issue happened July 2018) into BD to be properly diagnosed and find out the cost for repair. Our machine is still sitting in San Jose at BD over a year later because we haven't decided if it's worth paying for the repairs. SYBR® Green I staining results in a DNA:dye complex that, when excited by the 488-nm blue laser of the BD Accuri C6, emits green and red light that can be measured in the FL1 and FL3 channels. Bacteria can be gated on an FL1 vs FL3 plot (Figure 1) using an FL1 threshold to exclude debris.
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Prislista 2.0 - MC-Proffsen i Jönköping

The default settings display FSC and SSC data in linear scale and all fluorescence parameters in log scale.

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Citómetro de flujo Becton Dickinson ACCURI C6 Plus.

The event rate is close to 4000/s, and do not depend on the flow rate. BD Accuri C6 Plus flow cytometer With its compact 11 x 14.75 x 16.5-in footprint, light weight of 30 lb and operational simplicity, the BD Accuri C6 Plus flow cytometer supports a wide array of applications including immunology, cell and cancer biology, plant and microbiology, and industrial applications. With the broad dynamic range of the BD Accuri C6, it is often useful to focus in on a particular subset of channels or events. The Zoom tool provides such focus and is indispensable for locating cell populations and drawing accurate gates.